The Family Man Season 3 Trailer , Release date, Cast

The Family Man Season 3 Trailer , Release date, Cast: The Family Guy follows Srikant Tiwari, an ordinary man who rises to the top of the fictional National Investigation Agency. The audience applauded loudly for Manoj Bajpayee’s award-winning lead role (Srikant). It surpassed all other Indian online series on Amazon Prime Video in 2019. Find out about The Family Man Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Trailer.

The Family Man 3 Season 3 Details

The Family Man is a popular television series with many fans. As a result, the series’ first two seasons were well received. So we’re here to tell you that the creators of the series will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Social media is buzzing about the upcoming premiere of “The Family Man” season three. The article that follows will provide updates on the series’ release date, streaming platform, and airing schedule.

The series was produced by Raj Nidimloru and Krishna D.K. The first season had plenty of action, comedy, and drama to keep viewers entertained. Thus, it keeps viewers interested in the series. Both seasons’ cast members gave their all and did an excellent job portraying their characters.

Date of The Family Man Season 3

A third season of The Family Man was confirmed by a teaser towards the end of Family Man 2. Season 1 of The Family Man began on September 20, 2019. The second season came out on June 4, 2021, about two years and a half after the first.

Amazon Prime Video has renewed The Family Man 3. No specific release date for The Family Man Season 3 has been announced. The Family Man Season 3 is set for release in November 2022, but the premiere date is unknown.

The Family Man 3 Trailer

The trailer for “The Family Man Season 3” has yet to be published or posted, so you’ll have to wait. As a result, the trailer will be released next week, say the producers. Many fans would find it difficult to wait for the trailer to be released. Manoj Bajpayee will appear in the show’s third season as a major character.

The show will be released in 2022 but will air in November. We know how anxious you are to see it. The release date is still unknown, but the manufacturer will reveal it with the teaser.

Plot of The Family Man 3

The next season’s storyline may focus on China and the COVID-19 epidemic. The Family Man Season 3 Plot is said to include “TASC versus the foes from China” at a time when “the whole world is fighting an unseen adversary in the shape of this virus”.

Season 2 of The Family Man revealed Srikant Tiwari’s inner struggle to balance his personal and professional lives. He discovers an assassination plot against the Indian Prime Minister, involving Raji.

The writer’s room is now closed due to a lockdown, according to Manoj, who plays secret agent Srikant Tiwari. Everyone will be detained. Allow the world and our nation to be fully open. I am confident in their ability to progress the project with Amazon once they start working. They will start writing a screenplay as soon as the project is approved because the material is already in their hands and ready to be made into a film.”

The Family Man 3 Casts

Character Portrayed by Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Srikant Tiwari (Sri) Manoj Bajpayee Main
Jayavant Kashinath “JK” Talpade Sharib Hashmi Main
Suchitra Tiwari (Suchi) Priyamani Main
Dhriti Tiwari Ashlesha Thakur Main
Atharv Tiwari Vedant Sinha Main
Sajid Ghani Shahab Ali Main
Moosa Rehman (Al Qatil) Neeraj Madhav Main
Rajalakshmi Sekharan (Raji) Samantha Akkineni Main
Muthu Pandian Ravindra Vijay Main
Arvind Sharad Kelkar Main
Milind Hinduja Sunny Hinduja Main
Zoya Shreya Dhanwanthary Main Cameo
Kulkarni Dalip Tahil Main
Major Sameer Darshan Kumar Main
Kalyan/Salman Abhay Verma (actor) Main
M Umayal Devadarshini Main
Chellam Uday Mahesh Main


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