TDP Membership Drive 2022 | Registration Link | How To Renew Card Easily

TDP Membership Drive 2022 | Registration Link | How To Renew Card Easily: The Telugu Desam Party is a national political party in India that has a significant presence at both the state and national levels. The Party’s digital and paperless membership campaign, which will be launched on Thursday by the Party’s supremo, will be the first stage in the Party’s new strategy, or program, to put it another way. Anyone can join the TDP through this initiative by using the TDP Membership Drive App, What’s App, Telegram, and other social media platforms.

About TDP Membership Drive

For many years, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) was known as the party that embraced technology the fastest of any other. The Party is gearing up for its membership drive this year, which will be conducted in a different way. According to the TDP, it is preparing a WhatsApp membership campaign to reach out to the youth and make it easier for them to join the party.

A WhatsApp number will be made public, and interested parties will be able to connect with an artificial bot who will walk them through the procedure’s crucial steps. It will direct you to a payment gateway where you can complete the membership payment procedure when it has gathered all the required information. The membership card is generated automatically after payment is received. Those who want to receive the card in a physical form can also apply.

The application is now being tested by the Party, and it will be made available to members as they begin to sign up. In the communities, volunteers will conduct paperless membership campaigns for local residents. The Party is aiming for a record number of members with elections only two years away. TDP was also one of the first political parties in the country to offer insurance to its members, doing so in 1989.

Registration Link for the TDP Membership Drive

Telugu Desam has an official webpage where you can discover more about them.

  • On the homepage, in the upper right-hand corner of the website, there is a membership link. A new page will appear on your computer’s screen as soon as you click on it.
  • On this registration screen, you will now be provided with two options. The first option has been registered with TDP previously, but the second option is being registered with TDP for the first time.
  • If you have previously registered for Telugu Desam Party membership, the first option is appropriate; otherwise, the second option should be used instead.
  • To register for the first time, you’ll need your voter identity card. You can register to vote using your parent’s card if you don’t have your own voter identification card.
  • The first thing you’ll be asked to do when you click the registration button displays your voter identification card. Select yes, and then input the number from your voter ID card. Then, to finish the process, click the “Submit” button.
  • The remaining information needed on TDP’s official website will be required in the next stage.
  • After you have filled out all of the essential information, you will be given a registration number.

How To Renew Telugu Desam Card Easily?

  • You may renew your TDP membership if you have previously enrolled for one.
  • By visiting the TDP’s official website and selecting the option to renew your membership, you must do so.
  • Then, in the appropriate fields, enter your membership ID, registered cellphone number, or voter id number.
  • Then, to begin your search, click the Cadre Search button.
    You can use your cellphone number as a substitute for your membership id for voter ID if you forget it.

How do I Download my TDP membership card?

  • If you neglected to download your membership card, you can retrieve it by visiting the official website.
  • Then, from your computer, select the option to download a membership card.
  • If your name appears on the list of beneficiaries, select the drop-down menu selections for welfare and beneficiary candidates.
  • Your screen will now display an alphabetical list of all beneficiaries, each with their membership ID and date of occurrence, as well as district and constituency names.
  • As a result, you can use this page to rapidly verify your name and obtain a membership card.

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