OYO IPO Launch date, Share Price, GMP Today, Listing Date

OYO IPO Launch date, GMP Today, Share Price, Listing Date: Gray market premiums, sometimes known as IPO GMPs, are calculated based on the level of demand for a company’s stock prior to going public. As soon as the IPO date and price range are publicized, the grey market begins unofficially in the unregulated market. Investors always evaluate the premium of an initial public offering before investing (IPO). However, the recommendation may be affected by subscription numbers and market conditions. Read on to learn more about the OYO IPO, GMP Today, Share Price, and Listing Date.

Date of OYO’s Initial Public Offering

Ritesh Aggarwal’s OYO Rooms aims to go public with an initial public offering (IPO). Yes, the company opted to launch an Initial Public Offering based on the information available at the time. Many people started looking for information about the OYO IPO Date 2022 after hearing about it.

Pricing, allotment, listing, market lot, subscription, grey market price, and worth are some of the other issues to consider. If you want to understand more about the same questions, keep reading this report to get the answers right away. Without a doubt, you will receive answers to all of your queries about this initial public offering.

OYO Rooms, founded in 2013 by Ritesh Aggarwal, has expanded to become a global brand. When it comes to the company’s top job, we want to point out that OYO Rooms is more often known as OYO Hotels and Homes. It offers budget-friendly accommodations as well as meeting space.


Due to the bull/bear market or demand for the company’s stock, the listing price of an initial public offering (IPO) may differ from the predicted listing price provided by the grey market. We’ve seen cases when the grey market for particular IPOs was lower.

Nonetheless, the listing resulted in a larger gain, and there were times in 2021 when the grey market was higher for some IPOs, but the listing resulted in a smaller increase. As the grey market is usually one of the most critical variables in determining the IPO listing gain, they strongly advise investors to utilize the grey market rates only for informational purposes and not trade solely on the statistics because the grey market is volatile.

The organization has risen to become India’s top company and a unicorn startup as a result of its hard work over the years. The company’s worth is impressive in and of itself. The firm has submitted a DRHP (draught red herring prospectus) that was filed a few months ago now that it is ready to market its shares. They want to raise a significant sum of money via this IPO, which will be utilized to grow the firm further and invest in other ventures.

Price of OYO’s Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The grey market transactions are unofficial, and there is engagement from IPO investors and stockbrokers in these transactions. Trust between the parties will determine the outcome. For more information about our IPO analysis, please read our IPO application.

Depending on the situation, grey market pricing are offered through market research or derived from industry specialists. Trading on the grey market is against the law. One receives the Kostak Rate when selling their IPO application (in an off-market transaction) to someone else before the issue is allocated or listed on the stock exchange. The premium mentioned above does not apply to the initial public offering (IPO). Before listing, it may change. Subscribing to a company should only be based on its fundamentals.

OYO IPO Listing Date

At the age of 27, Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of Oravel Stays Ltd (also known as OYO Rooms), became the world’s youngest self-made millionaire, making him the most well-known Indian entrepreneur of his generation. Oravel Stays Ltd provides a cutting-edge technological platform that enables the enormous yet extremely fragmented global hospitality industry to operate more efficiently.

The company’s mission since its inception has been to reinvent short-stay accommodation. This company has developed a two-sided technology platform designed to address the critical pain points of its Customers and its Patrons, both on the supply and demand sides. In its current state, the firm has 157,344 shops in more than 35 countries listed on its marketplace.

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