OASIS Scholarship Registration 2022 | Benefits, Status, Eligibility

OASIS Scholarship Registration 2022 | Benefits, Status, Eligibility; Because of poverty, many pupils have left school in the past, as we have witnessed. However, times have changed, and now there are numerous government initiatives and scholarships available to help students who are unable to complete their education. We’ll look at the OASIS Scholarship in this piece, which is also helpful for students. The Oasis Scholarship will accept applications up to the application deadline of February 15, 2022. It is highly advised that you sign up on the primary website before the registration time expires (URL provided below). We have covered all there is to know about the OASIS Scholarship Registration 2022 in the context of this post.

OASIS Scholarship Registration 2022

The scholarship is one of the most well-known ones available to West Bengal residents who are members of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes. Depending on the pupils’ existing situation, several incentives are provided.

Students who are day scholars receive significant incentives to help with the expense of tuition. Incentives are provided to candidates who are currently living in shelters so they can cover their housing bills without placing a financial burden on their families.

OASIS Scholarship List 2022

Candidates from the SC/ ST and OBC categories may apply for OASIS Pre-Registration and Post-Registration Scholarships. The OASIS Scholarship Registration List’s awardees are as follows:

  • SC students can apply for the pre-registration reward.
  • OASIS Post-Secondary Scholarship for Students of Color
  • OASIS Post-Secondary Scholarship for OBC Children

OASIS Scholarship Benefits 2022

One of the numerous benefits of the OASIS Scholarship programme is that students in West Bengal who come from a variety of economically challenged families are able to obtain financial aid through the programme.

The several categories listed below are all eligible for financing through the OASIS Scholarship:

Pre Matric Scholar for Students at the College of Charleston:

  • For day students, the amount is Rs. 150 each month for a total of 10 months, plus an ad hoc award of Rs. 750 per year.
  • For those staying in hostellers: Rs. 750 per month for ten months, plus an ad hoc grant of Rs. 1000 per year

Scholars in Pre-Matric for Students of Type ST:

  • For day students, the amount is Rs. 150 each month for a total of 10 months, plus an ad hoc award of Rs. 750 per year.
  • For those staying in hostellers: Rs. 750 per month for ten months, plus an ad hoc grant of Rs. 1000 per year

OASIS Scholarship Registration 2022 for Pre-Matric Students from SC and ST Groups:

  • Up to Rs. 550 per month will be charged as maintenance costs for day students.
  • Maintenance costs of up to Rs. 1,200 per month would be charged to hostellers.

Students of Medicine, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Masters, Doctoral, and Legal Studies:

  • For those staying in hostellers: Rs. 820 per month
  • For day students, the monthly fee is Rs. 530.

For all Courses, from the most basic to those at the Graduate level:

  • For day students, the fee might go up to Rs. 300 per month.
  • Up to Rs. 750 per month for those staying in hostels.

Students currently enrolled in the 10th, 12th, polytechnic, and ITI programs

  • For day students, the monthly fee is Rs. 230.
  • For hostelers, the monthly fee is Rs. 750.

Post-Matric Scholarships for Students Classified as OBC:

  • The maintenance fee for day students is up to Rs. 350 per month.
  • Maintenance fees of up to Rs. 750 per month is applicable to hostellers.

How to apply for the OASIS Scholarship Program 2022?

  1. Use the below-provided URL to access the official website.
  2. Visit the website to register as a student after that.
  3. The applicant must specify the administrative branch they belong to.
  4. Enter all pertinent data, including the student’s name, father’s name, gender, scholarship type, caste certification, etc.
  5. After that, upload the necessary files and press the submit button.

How to Check OASIS Scholarship Registration 2022 Status?

On the official Oasis website, oasis.gov.in, applicants can monitor the status of their Oasis scholarship after submitting the application or after renewing their current scholarship. Follow the instructions listed below to find out where your Oasis Scholarship application stands right now for the year 2022:

  • Visit the oasis.gov.in website first.
  • Select the Track an app option from the menu after that.
  • The next step is to enter your login information, and the final step is to click the link to view the status.


Check out Below Some FAQS, Which Will Clear Your Doubts Related to This Post.

How does one go about submitting an OASIS Scholarship application?

You can submit an application to be considered for the Oasis Scholarship on the scholarship program’s official website. In addition to submitting your personal information, a computerized caste certificate number, subcaste name, current educational institution, and other pertinent information, you will need to complete a new candidate registration form.

When is the deadline for OASIS Scholarship Registration 2022 applications?

The Oasis Scholarship 2022 application website will, based on expected dates, primarily close in the month of December 2022. Additionally, scholarship applications are now being accepted both before and after matriculation.

Where may I go to find out the current standing of my OASIS scholarship application?

By visiting the Oasis Scholarship’s official website and selecting the “Track an Application” option in the page’s centre, you may keep track of the progress of your scholarship application. You will then be sent to a login page where you can submit your information and check the status of your scholarship application.

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