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Mukul Goel is a 1987 graduate of the Indian Police Service (IPS). In Uttar Pradesh, he is now being considered for the position of Director-General of Police. In light of this, the Department of Home Affairs has issued an order confirming that Goel would now be in charge of one of the country’s most powerful police forces. The government of Yogi Adityanath has appointed Mukul Goel DGP, an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer who graduated in 1987, as the new Director-General of Police for Uttar Pradesh.

DGP Mukul Goel’s bio

Mukul Goel has been working with the Border Security Force until now (BSF). The UPSC had offered the Uttar Pradesh government the names of IPS officers Nasir Kamal, Mukul Goyal, and Dr. RP Singh. There was also word that Goel held a late Tuesday meeting with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Mukul Goel, a Muzaffarnagar resident and alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, In Azamgarh, he served as Superintendent of Police, while in Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Saharanpur, and Meerut, he served as Senior Superintendent of Police. In Kanpur, Agra, and Bareilly, Goyal served as the Deputy Inspector General of Police. Mukul Goyal has also served as the Inspector General of the ITBP and the Border Security Forces.

HC Awasthi, the Director General of Police in Uttar Pradesh, retired on Wednesday. Following his retirement, he handed over the responsibility for preserving peace and order to Prashant Kumar, the ADG of Law and Order, who will now hand it over to Goyal. When Goyal retires in February 2024, he will have served for approximately 2.5 years. Additionally, elections for the state legislature will be held in 2022, with Goyal as the front-runner.

DGP Mukul Goel‘s Family

Mukul Goel, a 1987 graduate of the Indian Police Service (IPS), has been named Director-General of Police (DGP) in Uttar Pradesh. In Chandigarh, he is now the Assistant Director-General of the Border Security Force. At this moment, no information regarding his family is available.

At Meerut, Gorakhpur, and Varanasi, he served as Senior Superintendent of Police. He was also awarded the position of Superintendent of Police for the Azamgarh district. He was also the Deputy Inspector General for the Kanpur, Agra, and Bareilly regions. Mukul also held the position of Inspector General of Police for the Bareilly Zone.

Latest Mukul Goel DGP News

Mukul Goel will take over as the state’s new Director General of Police, according to a statement made by the Uttar Pradesh government on Wednesday (DGP). Mukul Goel is an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer who graduated in 1987 and is currently serving as the Additional DG of Operations for the Border Security Force, according to the statement (BSF).

H. C. Awasthy, who stepped down from his position on Wednesday, is replaced by Goel. According to Goel’s words to PTI, “crime control and the rule of law” will be his top goals. Goel was born in the city of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, on February 22, 1964. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering.

He also holds a diploma in emergency management and a certificate indicating that he is fluent in French. Goel has worked in the states of Almora, Jalaun, Mainpuri, Hathras, Azamgarh, Gorakhpur, Saharanpur, and Meerut as a Superintendent of Police and Senior Superintendent of Police. During his military career, he also served in the National Disaster Response Force and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. Goel received the Police Medal for Gallantry in 2003.

IPS News Mukul Goel

The Uttar Pradesh government The Yogi administration of Uttar Pradesh sacked Mukul Goyal from his job as Director-General of Police (DGP), which was a momentous decision. Prashant Kumar, Assistant Director-General for Law and Order, will act as the acting Director-General of Police in Uttar Pradesh until a permanent replacement is selected. The role of the DGP is now being considered by three individuals. Anand Kumar is a candidate for this role, along with DG Intelligence DS Chauhan and RK Vishwakarma. Every officer was a member of the 1988 graduating class.

When a DGP was dismissed from office in the past, the government rarely issued a statement about its actions. In the letter, it was said that “DGP Mukul Goyal has been fired from the office owing to disdain for a government job, lack of interest in departmental work, and inactivity.”

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