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LIC IPO Allotment Status | Check Online NSE | BSE, Zerodha, IPOWatch: The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has been India’s largest life insurance provider for over 65 years. LIC is also the oldest life insurance firm in the country. As a result, it’s no surprise that it’s one of India’s most eagerly anticipated initial public offerings. The Government of India, in its capacity as issue promoter, is offering a startling number of shares—22.14 crore—through the sale. Read on to learn more about the LIC IPO Allotment Status. Check NSE, BSE, Zerodha, and IPOWatch online.

LIC Initial Public Offering (IPO) Status

The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), India’s largest insurance company, will launch its initial public offering (IPO) tomorrow, May 4, putting an end to the excitement that has been building on Dalal Street. On May 2, the option to invest in anchor companies became available for the first time, and it was soon oversubscribed due to tremendous demand.

Meanwhile, the LIC IPO’s primary issue is set to open for investment tomorrow, and investors of all shades are eager to participate. For the first time, the company has established a separate quota for policyholders. It means that policyholders who match the criteria will be eligible for a 10% discount on LIC share purchases as well as a portion of the reserved quota.

The Life Insurance Corporation of India’s first public offering (IPO), also known as the LIC IPO, is the insurance giant’s first stock offering. The entire transaction is treated as an offer for sale (OFS), with the President of India selling a 3.5 percent stake in the company through the Ministry of Finance. The LIC initial public offering is expected to raise Rs. 21,000 crores at the higher end of the pricing range, which will be critical for the government to meet its divestment ambitions. The LIC IPO pricing range has been set at 902 to 949 rupees per equity share.

How do I apply for the LIC Initial Public Offering?

Retail investors can apply for the LIC IPO using a variety of approaches. There are two categories to choose from: one for LIC Policyholders, and the other for all investors. Assume you are a LIC policyholder who selects this category. You’ll need to fill out the required details, enter the bid price, confirm your choice, and then pay using the UPI app.

You must have a LIC policy that began on or before February 13, 2022 to apply under the policyholder category. It is one of the eligibility requirements. If you want to apply under this category, your PAN Card must be linked to the insurance in order for you to be considered. LIC policyholders are entitled to benefits such as a lower issuance price and a 10% reserved allotment of the total available funds.

If you want to apply as an investor, you’ll need two things: a PAN card and a Demat account with us. In reality, the PAN Card has been made mandatory for all initial public offerings in order for the Income Tax Department to keep track of each investor’s assets (IPOs). A Demat Account is required because if you are awarded an allocation, your shares will be credited to this account.

Online LIC IPO Application

You can open a Demat account whenever you want because it is straightforward and takes very little time. LIC IPO applications can be submitted through our online trading platform. Go to the IPO and Order Book part of the HDFC Securities website to track the status of your initial public offering application. You simply need to log in. Last but not least, if you choose, you may submit your application for the LIC IPO at any of our neighboring branches.

Allotment of LIC IPO

As soon as the assigned shares of your LIC initial public offering (IPO) become available, they will be sent to your HDFC Demat account. You would be able to sell them on the day of the listing on the exchanges where they are traded. Because the initial public offering (IPO) has not yet been launched, certain details, such as the LIC IPO’s allocation status, are not yet available. To guarantee that the allocation method is completed correctly, it is usually carried out roughly one week after the IPO’s closing date.

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