Jodhpur Eid Clash Reason, Situation right now

At least 97 persons have been arrested so far in connection with the Jodhpur Eid Clash, according to Hawa Singh Ghumaria, assistant director-general of police. At least 16 people were injured in fierce clashes between two tribes in Jodhpur’s Jalori gate neighbourhood late Monday night, including four police personnel. The clashes took place in the city’s Jalori gate region between two populations.

Eid Clash in Jodhpur

Following an outbreak of ethnic strife, a curfew was imposed at ten police stations throughout Jodhpur on Tuesday. A curfew has been imposed in various police stations till midnight on May 4, 2018, according to the police control room. Minister of State for Home Rajendra Yadav, Minister in Charge of Jodhpur Subhash Garg, Additional Chief Secretary Home Abhay Kumar, and Assistant Director-General of Police Hawa Singh Ghumaria have been instructed to fly to Jodhpur by helicopter by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

In this context, Gehlot presided over a high-level review meeting and gave the attendees the necessary instructions. Only hours before Eid, communal enmity erupted in Jodhpur, culminating in stone-pelting and other types of violence. Five police officers were injured in the incident, which occurred after midnight. Despite the presence of a large number of police officers, the situation was brought under control. However, tensions resurfaced after the Eid Namaz on Tuesday morning, when some people flung stones near the Jalori Gate, exacerbating the situation.

The Reason for the Eid Clash in Jodhpur

On Friday night, clashes erupted as a Hindu group erected a flag at the Balmukand Bissa circle near the Jalori Gate crossing, igniting a dispute over religious flags. Following the stone-pelting that injured at least four police officers the night before, tensions were high this morning as members of the minority group attempted to remove the Hindu flag that had been erected. Police officers then took down the flags of both towns and replaced them with tricolours.

Police vehicles have been vandalised, and a number of people from both sides have been injured. A big number of persons were apprehended by the police. According to the film, a CCTV video taken during communal unrest in Jodhpur shows a group of adolescents, one of whom is holding a blade in his hand.

Due to the tense atmosphere in the neighbourhood following the event on Monday night, the district administration decided to halt internet services as a preventive measure. According to a decision issued by Jodhpur Divisional Commissioner Himanshu Gupta, all internet services in Jodhpur will be turned off on May 3 at 1 p.m.

Eid Clash – Police Action in Jodhpur

According to authorities, the immediate cause of the confrontation was the celebration of Eid by flying an Eid flag atop the monument of independence hero Balmukund Bissa outside Jalori Gate in Jodhpur. Early Tuesday morning, more clashes between police and members of the Muslim community occurred, necessitating the implementation of a curfew.

“A preliminary examination reveals that the escalation of tensions was caused by one community hanging an Eid banner over a freedom fighter’s statue,” said Vandita Rana, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jodhpur West. One group hoisted an Eid flag over a statue of a freedom fighter, escalating tensions.”

According to officials, police deployed lathi charges and tear gas shells to disperse the mob, which had resorted to stone pelting on Monday night and early Tuesday. The Sardarpura police station is in charge of the region where the violence took place, as well as the incident itself. Sardarpura is represented by Gehlot in the Assembly. Several new fights between police and members of the Muslim community happened early Tuesday morning, according to authorities.

Currently, there is an Eid clash in Jodhpur.

“On Tuesday morning, police clashed with people who had been given namaaz. As a result of their protesting, the people who had come to perform namaz were forced to remove a saffron flag that had been placed near the monument during yesterday night’s fights. To disperse the mob, the cops had to use force (the crowd). “The incident this morning included the police, not the other community,” DCP Rana explained.

Because the location was adjacent to the Eidgah, Hawa Singh Ghumaria, Additional Director General (Law and Order), predicted that many people would recite namaaz in the vicinity on Eid. The Police Commissioner stepped in and told the mob to leave the area.

Tensions increased as people were leaving, and stone-pelting occurred. There were flags of Lord Parashuram fluttering near the location where the namaz is given. The decision to remove the flags was a contentious one. “The Muslim population in the neighbourhood raises a flag during Eid,” Ghumaria explained.

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