iPhone 14 Pro Release date , Specifications, Features, Price in India

iPhone 14 Pro Release date , Specifications, Features, Price in India: iPhone 14 Pro Release Date: At this year’s presentation, Apple is more likely to unveil the iPhone 14 Max rather than the iPhone 14 Plus. According to numerous rumors, Apple, the Cupertino-based electronics giant, plans to stop producing the iPhone in its smaller version this year. Rumors and leaks had previously revealed a large amount of information regarding the succeeding iPhone models, including the iPhone 14 Max, before their formal announcement. To learn more about the iPhone 14 Pro release date, read the entire article.

The release date for the iPhone 14 Pro

On or around September 2nd, Apple usually releases a new flagship iPhone series. Apple, situated in Cupertino, is expected to do the same thing this year. According to recent rumors, Apple is working with its suppliers to ensure that the iPhone 14 series ships on time.

Highlights: Apple is expected to produce four new iPhone models in the near future, but there will be no “small” version.

What are the features of the iPhone 14 Pro?

Because sales of Apple’s “small” line have been unsatisfactory, the company has decided to stop producing iPhones with 5.4-inch screens in 2022. With the launching of the iPhone 13 tiny, Apple will abandon its downsizing aim and instead focus on manufacturing larger iPhones in the future.

Apple will release four new iPhone models: the 6.1-inch iPhone 14, the 6-inch iPhone 14, the 6-inch iPhone 14 Pro, and the 6-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max, as previously announced.


According to an unconfirmed report, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro may be available in purple in the near future. This information, however, has not been validated.


According to a study undertaken for investors by JP Morgan Chase, Apple’s future iPhone 14 models will also feature a chassis built of a high-end titanium alloy. Titanium is a material that Apple has never utilized before in any of its products; if it is used in the iPhone, it will be a first. When it comes to corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, titanium outperforms aluminum and steel.


According to reports, Apple will introduce its high-end iPhone models in 2022 after “aggressively testing” a vapor chamber heating technology. High-end iPhones require a thermal design that VC powers due to their greatly increased processing power and 5G connectivity rates. Samsung, Razer, and LG have already used vapor chamber cooling technology in their smartphones and other electrical devices.

Specifications for the iPhone 14 Pro


According to reports, the future iPhone 14 Max would have a 6.1-inch screen with a big notch, exactly like the iPhone 12 before it.


The A16 Bionic chipset of the iPhone 14 is thought to be slightly more energy efficient than the A15 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 13 series.


The storage capacity of the iPhone 14 models are expected to vary from at least 128 gigabytes (GB) to as much as 512 GB, similar to the iPhone 13 series.


The back panel of the iPhone 14 will be comparable to that of the iPhone 13.

When compared to the iPhone 13, it’s expected that Apple would tweak the sensors to boost low-light camera performance.


The iPhone 13 has such a long battery life that you may use it continuously on a single charge.

Release Date of the iPhone 14 Pro – Design Changes

Apple is said to be changing the design aesthetic of the iPhone 14 Pro versions. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, on the other hand, are expected to sport a design similar to the iPhone 13.

In addition to the large notch on the front of the gadget, there will be two camera sensors on the rear of the iPhone 14 Max. The smartphone could come in a variety of hues, comparable to Apple’s iPhone 13 series. Even the color palette hasn’t been fully decided upon.

In India, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro has been updated.

The cost of all four models has already been made public as a consequence of an anonymous tip. According to a source, the iPhone 14 Pro Max would cost $899, which translates to almost Rs 70,000 in Indian currency.

Due to significant import duties and the Goods and Services Tax, the cost of the device in India may be slightly more than in other countries (GST). In India, the iPhone 13 is currently available at a starting price of Rs 69,900. The iPhone 14 will have pricing that is slightly lower than the iPhone Max when it is officially released internationally.

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