Booster Dose Vaccine Registration – How To Register Online?

Booster Dose Vaccine Registration – How To Register Online?: The application for the Booster Vaccine Registration or third dose of vaccine has begun in India as of 10 January 2022 (Monday), as we are aware that not only India, but the entire world is concerned about the deadly COVID-19 variant “Omicron.” As a result, the Indian government has begun accepting applications for the Booster Vaccine Registration or third dose of vaccine. You will learn everything you need to know about it by reading this post. Stick with it until the finish to learn everything you need to know.

Vaccine Booster Registration

Indian citizens who are eligible for the third dose of vaccination can register and receive the booster dosage through the CoWIN site. We’ve been hearing about the booster dose for quite some time, and now it’s finally here for those who have been waiting. In the face of the third wave of COVID-19, the third dose of vaccine programme will be the most beneficial to health workers. They are the only ones who do not retrace their steps even during a pandemic. If you want to learn more about the Booster Vaccine Registration, keep reading.

Senior citizens and frontline employees are currently eligible for the booster dose, which is now referred to as the precaution dose. Our social workers, such as nurses, doctors, and others, as well as senior individuals over the age of 60, can apply for the precautionary dose. Eligible individuals can go directly to a COVID-19 immunisation centre to receive their third vaccine dosage or cautionary dose.

One thing to keep in mind is that if a frontline worker or senior citizen has had both (two) doses of the vaccination, they will only be allowed to receive the third dosage. Being a Senior Citizen or a Frontline Worker who has been fully vaccinated with two doses is not an eligible criteria; the second dose of immunisation must have been given 39 weeks or 9 months ago. Citizens who had registered for pre-vaccine will see a “Precaution Dose” option in the CoWIN dashboard; if you or any of your family members had registered on the portal, you would almost certainly see this choice.

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Booster Dose Registration

Country India
Vaccine COVID-19 Vaccine
Vaccine Name Covaxin & Covishield
Booster Dose Known as Precaution Dose
Eligibility Citizens Citizens whose ages are above 60 & Frontline Worker (Healthcare Worker, Nurses, Doctors, etc)
Eligibility It must have 39 weeks or 9 months passed after the second dose of vaccination
Registration Not Required (Eligible candidates can apply)
3rd Dose (Booster or Precaution Dose Start Date) 10 December 2021
Registration Done Through CoWIN Portal
Purpose Behind 3rd Dose To improve Immunity
Launched by  Ministry of Health & Family welfare
Official Portal

There are 148 vaccination centres across the country to vaccinate persons who are due for a booster or precautionary immunisation. Covishield vaccination centres account for 119 of the total vaccination centres, while Covaxin vaccination centres account for the remaining 29.

Booster Shot Near me

Eligible citizens do not need to re-register for the booster dose; instead, they simply log into their existing account and register for it. The government has stated that it will not be necessary to visit a doctor before to injecting the prophylactic, but that anyone may do so if they so desire.

On the other hand, the Indian government has begun vaccinations for teens aged 15 to 17. Teenagers who fall within the eligible age range can register through the same webpage.

What Is the Importance of Booster Dose?

When the globe became aware of the new strain of concern after it was found in South Africa by November 2022, the entire world (including India) had begun making preparations to combat it.

Many families, friends, and loved ones perished during the second wave. Because that heinous crime will never happen again, this precaution is critical. Citizens who receive the COVID-19 vaccination booster will feel more energised and healthy. If you or a member of your family is eligible for the booster dosage, don’t delay in getting the COVID-19 vaccine precaution dose, register for a slot, or visit a vaccination centre near you.

The majority of eligible folks may not know how to apply for a booster or preventive. Let’s look at how a senior citizen or a Frontline Worker might apply for and receive a booster dose of vaccine.

How To Register For Booster Dose Of Vaccine?

To apply for a booster dose of vaccine, carefully follow the steps below, after which you will be able to book a Precaution Dose and receive it by visiting a vaccination centre.

To register for the Booster Dose of Vaccine, you must first go to CoWIN’s official website,

After entering the official website, you will see an option to “Register / Sign In,” which you should select.

After selecting the aforementioned option, you will be led to a new webpage where you will be prompted to enter your old registered mobile number, enter the number, and select the GET OTP option.

After selecting the above option, you will be taken to another webpage and given a six-digit OTP. On the redirected web page, there will be a text box where you can enter the OTP and select the Verify & Proceed option.

After tapping on the previously mentioned option again, you will be sent to the CoWIN portal’s dashboard, where you will discover an option for “Precaution Dose,” which you should select and book your booster dose.

Following your booster dosage booking, you will receive the time, date, and vaccination centre address where you must be vaccinated on the due day.

Note: After you’ve taken the cautionary dose, you can get a certificate from the same portal; for more information, see our other articles.

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