How To Move A Steam Game To Another Drive In 2022? Complete Guide

In 2022, how do I move a Steam game to another drive? Games have risen in size in recent years, consuming the majority of your hard disc. Finally, Steam chooses to give its users the option of transferring their games to another drive. This eliminates the need to download large amounts of data in order to transfer game files to a different place. Many gamers, on the other hand, may be unaware of this technique of transfer. We’ve put up a quick tutorial on how to move your Steam games to another drive.

Because Steam supports several library directories, you can choose where your games are installed after they’ve been downloaded. Additionally, once the download is complete, the business now allows consumers to relocate those games. Until recently, this process was quite complicated, but things have changed dramatically.

How to Transfer a Steam Game to a Different Drive/Partition

Transferring a steam-based game to another external or internal drive is simple, but the time it takes to transfer the game’s files is dependent on the drive’s performance and the size of the game.

Within the storage disc or partition you select, the operation generates a new folder.

When connecting an external drive to numerous computers, keep in mind that the operating system on each device must be same, as each OS has its own Steam code, plugins, and data.

When you connect the disc to Ubuntu, it overwrites Windows files in order to make it operate with Linux. The opposite is also true.

Here’s how to transfer Steam games to a different driver.

  1. On the additional disc, you must first create a library folder for the game. To do so, navigate to the “Steam” tab and then to “Settings” “Settings.”
  2. Then click “STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS” under “Downloads.”
  3. Select the ” ” symbol at the top of the page, near to the other listed drives.
  4. Choose from the “dropdown menu.”
  5. To add a library, select one of the discs (the root) or click “Let me choose another place” to select a drive or folder.
  6. Then, to open the conventional Steam Library location popup box, click “Add.”
  7. Select the desired folder and drive (if you wish to) Then click “New Folder” and select “New Folder.”
  8. Select the desired folder and then click “OK.”
  9. To pick the folder you created, click the “Select” button, which should already be underlined.
  10. In Steam’s library folders, the folder is now visible. Close the web browser.
  11. Select “Properties” from the right-click menu of your game’s library.
  12. On the left, select “LOCAL FILES,” then “Move the installation folder”…” on the right.
  13. Select the library where you want your game to be saved (your new partition folder or disc) and then “MOVE FOLDER.”
  14. The game has moved to a new location.
  15. You can repeat the process if you want to transfer more games.
  16. When installing a new game, Steam will allow you to choose where you want the game to be installed.

How to Move Multiple Steam Games at Once to Another Drive

If you’re looking to transfer all of your Steam games in a batch or move a portion of them to an alternative drive follow these steps:

  1. Select “Settings” under the “Steam” heading.
  2. Then click “STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS” under “Downloads.”
  3. At the top, next to the other drives mentioned, click the ” ” symbol.
  4. Select one drive to add the library to from the “dropdown list,” or click “Let me choose another place” to select a drive and folder.
  5. To open the standard Steam Library location popup window, click “Add.”
  6. Select the relevant drive and folder (if desired), then click the “New Folder” button.
  7. Select the desired folder and click “OK.”
  8. To pick the folder you created, press the “Select” button, which will already be highlighted.
  9. The folder has now been added to the Steam library directories. Close the web browser.
  10. Return to the “Storage Manager” window on Steam and tick the boxes next to each game you want to transfer.
  11. To see all of the games available, click on the top of each drive.
  12. Select “Move” at the bottom of the page, then choose a drive from the drop-down menu to move the games you’ve chosen.
  13. The games you’ve chosen are now visible on the new drive.

How do I Move All Steam Games using Windows File Explorer

  1. If your Steam app is open, you can close it. Steam does not close automatically, thus you must click “Steam -> Exit.” From the navigation menu at the top.
  2. Check your Windows System Tray to see if the app is closed.
  3. Using File Explorer, navigate to the Steam folder.
  4. Locate the Steam game installation folder. “Steam -> steamapps” is the command.
  5. Copies of your “steamapps” folder should be pasted into your disc.
  6. It can be copied and pasted into any folder.
  7. Launch Steam and go to “Steam Settings.”
  8. Then select “STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS” from the “Downloads” menu.
  9. Select the ” ” icon, which is near the top of the page close to the other drives listed.
  10. To change the drive and folder, go to the “dropdown list” and click “Let me choose another place.”
  11. Then, to open the usual Steam Library location popup box, click “Add.”
  12. Click “Select” after selecting your chosen discs and folder (steamapps).
  13. The folder is now visible in the Steam library folder list. Please shut the window.
  14. Verify if the games are available in the new library by going to “LIBRARY.”

How to Change Your Steam Library Location

You can also change the location of items in your Steam library:

  • Go to “Steam -> Settings” in “Steam.”
  • On the left, click “Downloads.”
  • On the right, select “STEAM LIBRARY FOLDERS.”
  • Select the ” ” symbol at the top of the page, near to the other listed drives.
  • Select an option to add a drive to your new game’s location from the “dropdown list.”
  • Your game data can now be stored in numerous locations.
  • To make a disc the library’s default game storage location, go to “Storage Manager,” choose one of the drives from the upper left, then right-click on the “horizontal ellipsis” (three horizontal dots) and select “Make Default.”

Steam Game Location FAQs

Check out Below Some FAQS, Which Will Clear Your Doubts Related to This Post.

Why Do You Move Steam Games to Another Drive?

Because of two factors, the majority of customers choose to transfer their steam games to a separate drive. The second cause could be that the storage device on which steam games are placed has no spare space.

Your Steam games will be installed in the C drive by default, but the games and programmes you install could quickly fill up the drive.

The partitions bar will turn red over time, or the disc will overflow to the point of being full.

Steam customers can circumvent this by transferring their games to a separate partition with additional space.

The second reason is that players want to save time by transferring their games on an SSD (solid-state drive).

This is because SSDs transfer data at significantly higher speeds than hard disc drives (HDDs).

As a result, games that are transferred to the SSD will load faster.

How Do I Move My Existing Steam Installation?

It is the most effective method for transferring your existing Steam installation to a new hard drive:

You must first log out of your Steam account before closing the Steam app.

* Go to the place where your Steam installation files are stored.

It’s most likely in the Program Files folder on the C drive.

* Disable the files and folders there, but keep the Steam.exe file and folder, as well as the SteamApps Userdata directories.

You can cut the steam folder in two and move it to an other location.

You could, for example, save it on your D drive.

Future games you download will be saved in this new folder.

Start Steam, enter your login information, and then wait for the software to finish updating.

After that, you’ll need to double-check the integrity of your files.

Turn off your PC before launching Steam.

* Click on “Manage,” then “Properties.”

* Select “Local Files” and “Verify the integrity of the game files”…”

How Do You Move Save Files From Steam?

If you’re going to relocate your games to a new location, you should also move the saved files.

The game’s folder can be found by right-clicking on the game’s name in Steam’s library.

* Go to “Properties,” then “Local Files.”

“Click “Browse Local Files” to find the game’s file location.

Open it.

Copy the files from the storage folder to a folder on an other drive.

* Delete everything from your old storage folder.

On the new drive, begin the game. Your current game progress should be loaded into the stored files.

How Can I Move My Entire Steam Folder Into Another Drive?

Relocating your Steam installation is the same as moving the complete Steam folder.

• Close the application after logging out of your user account.

* Look in the Program Files folder for Steam’s most recent installation.

* Delete all files and directories except the Userdata and SteamApps folders, as well as steam.exe. The Steam.exe programme.

Half the Steam folder and paste it in the new location.

After that, launch the client and log in to your account.

Allow the modifications to complete before checking your data’s integrity.

Boost Your Gaming Experience

Transferring steam games to another drive is accomplished with a few easy steps. The majority of them come down to creating a new library and then moving those games over to the desired place. This means that whether you’re looking to free up space or play games at a faster speed You are able to accomplish both.

Have you ever attempted to move the Steam game to a different drive? Have you had any problems in the process? Comment in the comment section below.

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