Bochaha Election Result 2022 Winner Name, Live Vote count

Bochaha Election Result 2022 Winner Name, Live Vote count: The tendencies in the outcomes of the by-elections held to fill the seats in the Bochaha Assembly will become obvious in a short time. The vote-counting process has begun. There is a secure location, as well as the possibility of a triangle competition. The BJP, the RJD, and the VIP (BJP, RJD, VIP) are all in a tight contest for the role of President. To discover more about it, read the article. Bochaha election results in 2022: Winner’s Name, Number of Votes, and Live Results

Bochaha election result 2022

In Bochahan, the vote-counting process has begun. The ballot papers are currently being counted at the RDS College in Muzaffarpur’s Counting Center. There are 25 rounds of counting at 14 tables for the votes to be counted. The counting method has been designed with a high level of security in mind. The postal votes are currently being counted. In Tuesday’s elections, 59.20 percent of those eligible to vote used their right to vote.

A by-election was held in Bihar to fill the gap left by the death of MLA Musafir Paswan, who was elected on the Vikassheel Insaan Party (VIP) platform by Bollywood set designer and politician Mukesh Sahani.

After former Janata Congress MLA and MP Devvrat Singh died in November, an election was called for the Khairagarh seat. It became essential, however, when the current Congressional MLA, Chandrakant Jadhav, died in December 2021 in the Khairagarh constituency owing to COVID-19.

Name of the Bochaha election winner

In Bochahan’s farm, Baby Kumari, a BJP member, is present. Kumari, the baby, has risen to the top of the popularity charts. She campaigned and won the 2015 election as an independent candidate from Bochahan, defeating nine-term MLA Ramai Ram by 24,130 votes.

Its grip, on the other hand, is considered in each segment. Even during the 2015 Bihar general election, when the state was overwhelmed by a grand alliance tsunami, he kept his Bochahan constituency, demonstrating his extensive popularity.

Bochaha Vote Count 2022

As a result, Ramai Ram, the RJD’s former chairman and nine-time Bochahan MLA, is running his daughter in the by-election in Bochahan. He had attempted to arrange a ticket for his daughter, Dr. Geeta Kumari, from the RJD earlier. However, soon before the election, Amar Paswan joined the party, and Ramai Ram’s daughter, Dr. Geeta’s ticket was withdrawn.

candidate’s name party Step Voices voting rate % profit margin
Musafir Pasuan V.I.P winner 77,837 42.62% 11,268
Many Aries RJD runner up 66,569 36.45%
Amar Azad LJNSP 3 8,232 4.51%
Rajesh Kumar BMUP 4 3,772 2.07%
note None of the above 5. 3,523 1.93%
R.A.M. rocket IND 6. 3,398 1.86%
Deep Lal Ram IND 7 3,260 1.79%
Uday Chaudhary IND 8th 2,948 1.61%
Sanju Devi Rashtriya Jan Jan Party 9. 2,641 1.45%
Jai Chandra Ram IND 10 2,353 1.29%
Rajgeer Pawan BJKVP 11 2.143 1.17%
Lal Babu Passuan E.G 12. 1,809 0.99%
Abhimanyu Kumar The plural party 13. 1,604 0.88%
Chandan Kumar Paswan Jan Adhikar Party (Loctantric) 14 1,460 0.80%
Priti Bharti NCP 15 1,084 0.59%

The robbed Sahni nominated Ramai Ram’s daughter as his successor after learning that his choice had defected to the RJD. He promptly converted the election into a triangle race by hitting four of the six polling stations on the first try. Ramai Ram’s favourite stronghold is said to be Bochahan. He served in the legislature of that district nine times. His daughter is now competing in a triangle competition on the field.

About the Bochaha Assembly

Bihar is a state in the Indian country. It is a Congregation/Vidhan Sabha constituency in the Bihar region, located in the Muzaffarpur district. The Bochaha seat is reserved for people who belong to the planned caste.

The 2015 general election was attended by 65.5 percent of voters who were elected as a result of the Bochaha election results. In 2013, a large number of Bochaha voters showed out to vote for their Legislative Assembly representative (MLA).

Beby Kumari of the Indian National Congress (IND) defeated the JDU candidate in the 2015 State Assembly elections in Bihar, winning by 24,130 votes, or 14.49 percent of the total votes cast. In the election, Beby Kumari received 166,492 votes (40.67 percent).

In the 2015 Bihar assembly elections, Beby Kumari of the Indian National Congress (IND) defeated the JDU candidate by 24,130 votes (14.49 percent). Beby Kumari received 166492 votes, accounting for 40.67 percent of all votes cast.

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