Amarnath Cloudburst News, Videos,Casualties, Rescue Operation

On Friday, a cloudburst that was close to the Amarnath Cloudburst story claimed at least 12 lives. Videos of the catastrophe and the rescue efforts soon gained traction on social media. On Twitter, a number of users posted videos showing the damage the cloudburst at the pilgrimage site had caused. These movies emphasise the harm that was done to the area. Authorities said that 25 tents and three communal kitchens had already been damaged in addition to the number of lives lost.

Amarnath Cloudburst Information

On Friday at around 5:30, there was a cloudburst in the areas around the lower portions of the Amarnath cave. The most current information is that 13 casualties, including three women and five men, have been reported in the top cave. Two women and three men make up the total number of casualties at the bottom shelter.

The ITBP Public Relations Officer announced that the Amarnath Yatra had been temporarily postponed due to the current situation. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has expressed his sorrow over the incident and emphasised that whatever assistance is humanly possible is being provided to those affected.

Cloudburst Video updates for Amarnath

All regular and contract employees in Kashmir have been advised by the Directorate of Health Services that their planned leaves of absence have been cancelled and they must resume their duties as soon as possible. All police officers are required to have their mobile devices turned on.

There was a situation that resembled a stampede, despite the Army’s tremendous assistance. A pilgrim who made the journey from the Amarnath holy cave to Sonamarg’s Baltal base camp claimed that “many pandals were swept away owing to the water.”

According to the India Meteorological Department, the deaths and destruction in south Kashmir near the Amarnath cave shrine were caused by a localised rain storm on Friday. The shrine received 31 millimetres of precipitation on Friday between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m., according to the meteorological experts’ conclusions. There was a specific mist that only lingered in the hallowed cave. Precipitation of this nature has also fallen earlier this year. There won’t be a flash flood, according to Sonam Lotus, the director of the regional meteorological centre in Srinagar.

The operation to Rescue Amarnath

There are currently 13 fatalities and about 40 wounded individuals. Everything required for the injured party here has been taken care of. At this date, no patients have been admitted to this facility. There are 28 doctors working here, 98 paramedics, and 16 ambulances.

There have been 13 fatalities and 48 injuries as of right now. There are six distinct rescue teams engaged in the operation. Two additional medical teams were also dispatched. Two search and rescue dog teams, one from Pattan and the other from Sharifabad, would be flown to Panjtarni and then to the sacred cave, according to the Indian Army.

All available resources, including helicopters and personnel, have reportedly been put on standby in anticipation of the start of rescue and relief efforts at the Amarnath cave site, according to IAF authorities. Four distinct rescue teams from the Indian Army have been dispatched from their bases in Brarimarg and Sangam to the holy cave to help with the continuing rescue efforts. Ten teams totaling 90 men and 10 police officers are involved in the rescue operation.

News Updates on the Amarnath Cloudburst

Due to a cloudburst on Friday, July 8 in the area, the Amarnath Yatra has been interrupted. After a flood, there have been reports of injuries in the vicinity of the Amarnath cave sanctuary. As a result, internet users are in a state of shock and agony and are praying for those who have been affected by this natural calamity.

A cloudburst happened near the Amarnath cave shrine at around 5.30 in the afternoon. Currently, there is a search and rescue operation taking place there. Rescue teams were reportedly transported to the scene by helicopter services, according to an official source. According to reports, the severe rain caused a number of langars and tents to be swept away. The website’s videos have drawn considerable attention on social networking sites.

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